Landscape Structure  Plan
University of San Diego​


The following objectives concerning campus development were formulated through campus forums and stakeholder interviews.

​Identity and Goals
- Create a clear sense of campus identity. 
- Retain and strengthen the prese
nce of the academic core on the Mesa.

​Architecture and Landscape
- Develop a defined hierarchy of open spaces.
- Provide open space for informal recreation.
- ​Enhance pedestrian connections between campus districts through landscaping.

- Provide multi-modal access.
- Give preference to pedestrian routes in the academic core.
- Consolidate parking at the campus perimeter.
- ​Manage transportation demand.

Community/Student Life
- Develop a stronger sense of campus-centered University community.
- Create spaces for interactive studying.
- Centralize administrative uses to serve student needs.
- ​Integrate academic and student life programs ​and spaces.

Academic Space Needs​
- Create a strong presence and identity for academic units, particularly the College of Arts & Sciences.
Consolidate dispersed programs to facilitate program/service delivery.
- Appropriate sites for expansion.

- Express their commitment to sustainability in the physical campus environment.
- Leverage climate as an asset.
- Use campus resources more efficiently.
- Protect natural habitat and topography.


Building Use Plan