State of Washington

The Plan provides a compact development scheme for the Satellite Campus in Saint Martin’s Park, which forms the eastern edge of Lacey’s planned central business district.

The Plan accommodates office space for the targeted employment level, while preserving key features of the predominantly natural site and establishing a harmonious relationship with the neighboring community. To meet these goals, the Plan establishes a concentration of buildings and parking structures close to the existing access arterial, preserving much of the heavily wooded portion of the property. The Plan carries forward the goals and principles of the 1991 master plan for the Capitol of the State of Washington.  

The plan adds approximately 680,000 square feet, in two new buildings, for an additional 2,800 employees, bringing the total potential space to 1,000,000 square feet for approximately 4,000 employees.
through infill and renewal. 

Associate Architect:Arai Jackson Ellison Murakami