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Artichoke Design Companyis a platform for nimble design thinking and collaborations.

Listening, attention, and human and environmental sensibilities shape the work and design approach.

Clarity and function inform our definition of beauty.​​​​

Travel, and living in the heart of great cities, shaped my beliefs about architecture and urban design. As a Rotch Traveling Scholar, I traveled widely. My study focus was the influence of climate, culture, and context on architecture and public spaces. Sustainability was an early interest; the cities and dwellings of northern Africa and Mediterranean Europe gave insights into building and urban form shaped by regional forces and resources. These studies and interests are the foundation of my professional career.

For twenty-five years, I was a partner with Sasaki Associates in Boston and San Francisco. Before joining Sasaki, I worked with other nationally known architects and with an international firm in Rome, Italy.​​

​​Artichoke Design Company is a continuation of thirty years committed to design leadership that emphasizes environmental stewardship and climate action. That emphasis continues in design and planning projects and research, new collaborations and in the Blue Poche Project.

Awards and articles in national and international publications attest to leadership, design excellence, and memorable and sustainable projects.

Clients include public and private organizations, colleges and universities, and individuals.

​​My work is throughout the United States. Internationally, projects have taken me to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Mexico, and Egypt. 
The ​​Blue Poche Project is artworks conceived to provoke awareness, curiosity, and further study about global warming and its effects. It is commentary for advancing planning and design ideas and solutions that promote new models for climate action and environmental and social justice.

Design Excellence and Climate Action
Only with our leadership and perseverance, will climate action design take its place in the daily processes and lexicon of design thinking and critical analysis, resting among the measures considered for design excellence, beauty, and social and environmental conscience. ... more

​​Climate Action Planning and Design for Colleges and Universities
Colleges and universities are positioned as leading protagonists for consequential climate action initiatives. The largest 100 ACUPCC signatories have facilities portfolios totaling more than a billion square feet. Together, their portfolio CO2 emissions represent some 12.5 million metric tons per year, more than those of Rhode Island. ...more

Global Warming and Consequential Design
The social and environmental consequences of global warming become more
apparent, and they are multiplying. These consequences make unprecedented 
demands on the design professions. They implore the professions to adopt a worldview of social and environmental justice, measuring design excellence in terms of the consequences of climate change on global populations and environments. ... more

Leadership for Climate Action Design
Design professionals and institutional leadership take significant responsibility for an institution’s physical resources: land, infrastructure, and buildings. Design and planning largely determine the use of natural resources​. ... more

Resources Planning for Climate Action​​
Institutional goals for energy and greenhouse gases reductions are well documented in sustainability, climate action, and strategic energy plans. The plans are aspirational, with end-goals set at twenty years or more. Unfortunately, these plans lack a framework of quantifiable actions needed to fulfill the aspirations. ... more

​University of California, Santa Barbara
Photo: Misho Bruk​

Pomona College

Blue Poche Project
programmatically driven design practices for reversing the effects of global warming